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Купите мацу онлайн

Купите мацу онлайн

Традиционная маца-шмура для пасхального стола

Brought to you by MatzahOnline.com

Примерно 7 мацот в цветной упаковке. Выпечено в Израиле.
$19.50 за фунт.


Маца-шмура из цельной муки
Примерно 7 мацот в цветной упаковке. Выпечено в США.
$23.00 за фунт.


Маца-шмура из полбы
Маца-шмура из 100% полбяной муки, 6 мацот в упаковке. Выпечено в США. 
$29.50 за фунт


Order Processing and Tracking
All orders are submitted directly to MatzahOnline.com for processing. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please don't hesitate to contact them directly by emailing info@matzahonline.com.

Shipping & Handling
Shipping & Handling will be calculated at checkout and is based on UPS rates.

Shipping charges may be higher when ordered closer to Passover as expedited delivery options may be necessary. Please confirm the shipping charges before completing your order.

International Orders
Please email international@matzahonline.com for more information on international orders and a shipping quote to your destination.

About MatzahOnline.com
MatzahOnline.com is located in Brooklyn, NY and is the distributor of hand-made Shmurah Matzot. In addition, they sell Matzot imported from Israel. Click here for more information about MatzahOnline.com, including rabbinical supervision and shipping and return policies.

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